The Grand Difference

As I slowly toured the entire Hunger Mountain project, station-by-station, I got to hear Kari sing our praises. With as genuine a big smile as there is, Kari looked at Pat (the GM of City Market) and told him "it was a total pleasure to work with Grand. They weren't just competent -- they were really nice." Pat went on to say that he thought the food bar was "gorgeous."

Allen Seidner, Principal, Thought For Food Consulting

Finish Strong

Getting your equipment to the site is only a portion of the process. Grand works in conjunction with you and your General Contractor and coordinates the professional delivery and install when the job site is ready for the various pieces of equipment. This can happen all at once or in stages as the project may call for. Once it has arrived, the hard work begins. Grand provides and coordinates professional installation services that finish the job.

Our professional foodservice installers can be coordinated to perform a wide variety of services:

  • Receive shipments and check against packing lists, they will communicate to the team any missing or damaged items and/or if the order ships complete and all is good.
  • Uncrate and inspect make all parties aware of any damaged items due to shipping
  • Assemble and set in place so final connections can be made by licensed trades (Plumber/Electricians per code)
  • When assembly is required, installers precisely installers precisely follow site plans and then proceed to attach various components such as casters. Items that require mounting, such as stainless shelving and trim, is installed and sealed per local health codes.
  • Upon completion of the final connections by the G.C./Licensed Trades, Grand will coordinate any and all free factory startups by the equipment manufacturers.

Over the years, we have developed a network of experienced professional installers across the country that can be dispatched to serve your needs. The cost of installation services is a function of the equipment package and will be reviewed with you as to your specific project needs.

Other Services that will be reviewed and discussed if needed:

  • Custom S/S Fabrication and field welding
  • Ansul Fire Suppression System Installation
  • Remote Refrigeration Installation
  • Remote Beer System Installation
  • Walk-in Cooler/Freezer set up and assembly
  • Hanging of hoods and s/s wall panels
  • Final Start-up and check of equipment